Add a Strain

During your initial WeedWare setup, your implementation specialist will work with you to get your Strain names and Strain IDs set up exactly the way you need them. However, you may need to add a new Strain later.  This article will detail how to add a Strain in WeedWare.

To add a strain to your Strain List, follow these steps:

  • Step 1 - Within the Admin Tools Module, select Strain List from the Grow Settings drop-down.  Then click the New button to open a new tab where you can add your strain information.

  • Step 2 - Fill out each of the following fields to create the new Strain.
    • ID - You can assign each Strain an ID number.  The Strain ID does not have to be unique from other strains.
    • Strain Name - Enter the name of your new strain.
    • Strain Type - Select the strain type from the pull-down menu. 
    • Active - Check this box if this strain is an active strain.
    • Mother Only - Check this box if this strain will only be for Mother Plants.
    • Plants Available - Check this box if there are plants available in this strain.

  • Step 3 - Click Save or Save and Close.