Add & Edit Vendors

Before you can purchase an Inventory Product from a Vendor, you need to add that Vendor to the WeedWare system. This article walks you through the steps for adding and editing Vendor information. 

Add a Vendor

To add a Vendor, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1 - While in the Purchasing module select Vendors in the navigation pane and click the New button. This will open up a new Vendor detail window.

  • Step 2 - Check that Vendor is selected in the top navigation pull-down.
  • Step 3 - Fill in the following Vendor information:
    • Company - The name of the company that will become a Vendor.
    • DBA - Use this field if the company is "Doing Business As" another identify.
    • MMJ License - The unique MMJ License number for this Vendor.
    • MMJ Expiration - The expiration date for the MMJ License for this Vendor.
    • Tax ID - Enter the Tax ID number for this Vendor, this is optional.
    • Contact Type - Ensure you have selected Vendor as your contact type.

  • Step 4 - Fill in the Contact Details for the Vendor.
    • Address 1/2 - The street address for this Vendor. The second line is for adding Suite or Unit #.
    • City/State/Zip - The city/state/zip portions of the Vendor's address.
    • Phone Number - The phone number for the Vendor.  This is for the business, specific contact info will be recorded in the Order Contact Info section.
    • Info - Use this field if there is an extension for the phone number.
    • Ok to Text / Text Capable - Mark this box if the phone number is able to receive text messages.
    • Date Created - This field will auto-populate with the date the Vendor was created.
    • Exported to QuickBooks - If you have integrated QuickBooks with WeedWare, check this box to have this Vendor added to QuickBooks.
    • Sales Order History - As purchases are made from this vendor, they will automatically populate in the Sales Order History field.  You can easy access all invoices from this area.

  • Step 5 - Fill in the Order Contact Info.
    • Name - The name of the specific contact person for this Vendor. 
    • Phone /Ext. / Text Phone - The phone number, extension, and texting availability for the contact person for this Vendor.
    • Email/Username - Email address for the Vendor or Username to login to their online ordering.
    • Delivery Info - Create specific delivery notes for this Vendor, such as "Delivered on Tuesdays."
    • Related Contacts - If there is a contact already created for a Customer related to this Vendor, you can link them together here.
    • File Manager -  Upload any relevant documents using this tab.

  • Step 6 - Click Save or Save and Close.

Edit a Vendor

To edit an existing Vendor, follow the steps  below:

  • Step 1 - From the Purchasing module in the Navigation pane, select the Vendors section and select the desired Vendor from the list that appears. This will open up that Vendor's detail window. 
  • Step 2 - Make your necessary edits to the relevant fields.
  • Step 3 - Click Save or Save and Close.

Congrats! You've created and edited a new Vendor in WeedWare, so you can purchase Inventory Products from them!